Ensuring the Health of Your Baby Through Breastfeeding and Pediatric Support

At latchMD we believe every mother and baby pair deserves to latch and breastfeed successfully because of the many proven health, emotional, and financial benefits. Unfortunately most mothers struggle early, receive little help once home, and end up not meeting their breastfeeding goals.

That's why latchMD's mission is to ensure that every mother and baby get the highest quality breastfeeding support, as soon as possible, in order to latch successfully. We bring our village of professionals to you so you don't have to wait for that first newborn physical. We also ensure that families feel well-informed and empowered to care for their sick or healthy child at home.

Our goals

  • Every baby latches successfully
  • Every mother meets her own breastfeeding goals
  • Every parent feels empowered and knowledgeable to safely care for his or her child at home

Our ethos

  • We reject all corporate, formula and pharmaceutical influences so you can trust our advice
  • We take a holistic, non-judgmental approach to suit your individual needs
Quick Contact

Email us at latchMD@gmail.com, chat with us on Google Helpouts, or like us on facebook.  Let us help you and your baby thrive today!

Note: MD license to practice within California and reciprocating states only. Home visits available for Los Angeles and surrounding areas upon request. Other highly-qualified, experienced latchMD team members trained by Dr. Goldfinger may be available for support outside California, depending on licensure. Just ask and we will help you find what's right for you.